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Construction accounting specialists

Do you work in construction? You're performing a vital job, growing our city and our country. Where do you find time to do your own accounts? Don't worry. A.M.C. Services UK Ltd are experts in the Construction Industry Scheme, and how it affects payments and tax returns. Call us today, we can help.

Are you a contractor or a subcontractor? Either way, the CIS can have implications for how much tax you pay, and the forms you have to fill in. We'll help you avoid paying too much tax under the scheme, and ensure that monthly returns are done correctly and on time.

Advice for CIS contractors and subcontractors

As your construction scheme develops, you'll need to take on subcontractors. The CIS says that you must contact the HMRC to verify their status. Don't let the CIS red tape cause you endless delays, we'll take care of subcontractor registration for you.

Subcontractor registration

When you need accountants for CIS services, call

0203 633 3984

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